Hillbilly Heaven Springers, LLC
We have chosen our springers for several reasons. They are very friendly, well tempered, and in our eyes beautiful. We have chosen to raise two types of springers. One is a bench breed which is considered a dog that has the longer ears, loves to play, chase butterflies, does work the woods, but is also very happy and content to lay beside you on the couch or at your feet.

The other type of springer we are raising is considered a field grade springer which is built and more suited to run the fields and woods with the sleeker look and shorter ears. Our field grade springers have done very well birding and fetching. They work the woods on both sides out in front of you and always check back to see how we are.

All of our dogs are fortunate to have 40 acres to roam and hunt, known as our own Hillbilly Heaven.

We work with them on obedience training and have done agility as well. They are fast learners and so eager to please.

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Wisconsin State License No. 524380